USB-C 4 Port Power Delivery Hub with 2 Type C PD Ports and 3 USB 3.1 Type A Ports

USB-C 4 Port Power Delivery Hub

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Price: $99.98

USB-C 4 port hub with Type-C power delivery source operation supports 20V/14.5V/12V/5V power range. The USB-C PD hub is constructed with a metal case for industrial and commercial use. Power is obtained through the 19-20V power input at the barrel connector or 2-wire terminal connector. Surge protection of 15KV across all ports protects USB devices connected to it.

The CG-UC31PD4H USB-C 4 port Hub includes 2 USB-C PD-Source ports and 3 USB 3.1 USB Type-A ports. The LED power indicator is built-in showing power to the hub is active and ready to use. Use this USB Type-C hub where power delivery is required to charge mobile phones or tablets, while connected to you USB-C enabled Laptop. Mounting can be done on any flat surface, i.e. wall, table top, under table.


  • USB 3.1 Compliant to Gen1 Specifications
  • Suports USB PD (power delivery) source features
  • Up stream female port: 1x USB-C PD USB 3.1 Gen1 Connector
  • Down stream female port: 1x USB-C PD and 3x USB-A connectors
  • USB-C PD Source Modes: 20V/14.5V/12V/5V
  • Metal case and Screw Lock for critical applications
  • Supports 5Gbps, 480Mbps, 12Mbps, and 1.5Mbps speeds
  • Power input requirement: +19-20V DC

  • Dimensions

  • 5.98(L)x2.35(W)x0.93in(H)
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    In addition to the cost of the devices, it is important to consider all features of the USB hub itself and overall durability of the product.

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