16-Port USB 3.0 Metal Hub with Surge Protection and DIN-RAIL Mounting Kit

16 Port USB 3.0 Metal Hub with Surge Protection and DIN-RAIL Mounting Kit

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Price: $365.99

The USB3-16U1 16-Port USB 3.0 Metal Hub with Surge Protection features 16 Type-A downstream port connectors on this hub for USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB 1.1 devices. All ports support standard and screw-lock type USB cables. The 2-Pin self power input connector uses 1 pin for positive voltage and the other pin for a GND connection. The terminal block connector is used to connect strong power in order to self-power the hub. The voltage can be in the range from +12V to 24V DC.

There are 2 Type-B upstream connectors that offer a selectable rocker switch. Either Port A or Port B can be used to control the downstream ports on the device. Both ports can be connected to a host or another USB 3.0 Hub. These connectors support standard and screw-lock type USB cables.


  • Rigid and Wall-Mountable metal case
  • Provides 2 selectable upstream and 16 downstream USB 3.0 facing ports
  • Supports 5Gbps (super-speed), 480MBps (high-speed), 12Mbps (full-speed) and 1.5Mbps (low-speed)
  • Supports 350 Watt Surge Protection for each port
  • Multi Transaction Translators (Multi-TT) per hub
  • Supports USB Screw-Lock cable mechanism
  • Supports DIN-Rail mounting

  • Environmental

  • Temperature: 0-55°C (32-131°F)
  • Humidity: 5-95% RH

  • Dimensions

  • 12.15"(L) x 5.12"(W) x 1.74"(H)
  • 30.85 x 13.02 x 4.42 cm
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